Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their appropriate business and personal objectives, while protecting them from reasonably avoidable risk.

We recognize that we are not insurers; however, our function is to acquaint our clients with the alternatives available to them.

We consider that the ethics of our profession are an essential part of our involvement in the affairs of our clients. The rule of law will be honored in our counsel to clients and in the conduct of our practice.

We regard our work as a service to our clients and count our practice as among the helping professions. We expect to be positive influences in helping our clients meet their goals.

We pledge to do no harm and to endeavor to accomplish that which is beneficial. We strive for mastery of detail in our work, recognizing that attention to detail is the hallmark of our care for our clients and their interests.

We pledge that we will not be guilty of “overlawyering”. We will look for win/win opportunities in every situation.

We expect a high level of professional competence from each person working in our office and encourage attendance at continuing education programs and professional journal reading.

We are conscious of our limitations and refer matters to specialists when we lack the skill and/or knowledge to address our client’s needs.

We pledge to do our fair share of pro bono work, recognizing our responsibility to assist in making legal services available to all persons regardless of their station or circumstance in life. Correspondingly, we pledge to treat each client with dignity as we try to respond to his or her human potential and not just to the present condition of the person.

We intend to operate our firm in a sound and businesslike fashion having due regard for the prompt payment of our just obligations. Likewise we have the right to expect prompt payment of the statements we render for the services we provide. We expect to be reasonably compensated for the work we do commensurate with the education, experience and ethical guidelines applicable to each member of our staff.

We strive to offer prompt service;
a friendly atmosphere;
and excellence in our work product.